New Theme: Pilcrow (via News)

Is some one writing blogs under my original elyahtoni? I do not understand something here? enlighten me!

New Theme: Pilcrow If you want a simple and clean blog theme that you can customize to suit your needs I think you’ll like the one we’re introducing today. It’s called Pilcrow. Pilcrow is an upgrade to the older PressRow theme we’ll begin phasing out next week. But Pilcrow isn’t just a simple replacement. We’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure it' … Read More

via News


About elyahtoni111

I am a mature female, living in Toronto for the past Thirty-eight years... I am energetic, caring and responsible.. I love life, people, and adventure I am willing to go the extra mile as long as there is life and breath in me.. at this point in my journey through life, I am more daring and willing to take risks of achievement I have never taken before.. I need people around me who will say..."Let's do it" ... in terms of positive rewards or gains!
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