friends we cherish

At times when we are faced with more than our fair share of problems in or lives, we tend to forget some important values…when we meet with dishonesty, jealousy, envy hatred and deception, we need take an analysis of the situation, ask ourselves “are these my valued friends?… sometimes it’s hard to tell, but if the answer is “no”, some shifting of energy is definitely in order!You see, Our wealth is not determined by our financial assets, but by the friends we cherish.


About elyahtoni111

I am a mature female, living in Toronto for the past Thirty-eight years... I am energetic, caring and responsible.. I love life, people, and adventure I am willing to go the extra mile as long as there is life and breath in me.. at this point in my journey through life, I am more daring and willing to take risks of achievement I have never taken before.. I need people around me who will say..."Let's do it" ... in terms of positive rewards or gains!
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One Response to friends we cherish

  1. elyahtoni111 says:

    I wrote this after a most miraculous experience this week-end!

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